5 Smart Ways To Save Money When Buying Medical Supplies

What if someone told you that with the help of a few tips and tricks, you can save a considerable amount of money this year procuring medical supplies for your practice? We’re pretty sure you’d be interested in knowing about this process and tips to save more money on your overall medical supply bill, right? Yes, because buying medical supplies and equipment for your medical facility requires a lot of investment – both time and money.

There are several ways in which you can slash the costs of buying medical equipment for your office or medical center. For a medical facility, it is paramount to rapidly adapt to the rising costs and continuously find numerous sustainable ways to manage growth.

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However, let us take a look at some of the best ways that will help you reduce the cost incurred on buying medical supplies.

1. Assess Refurbished Equipment Options Available

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We can call it remanufactured or refurbished equipment available for surgeons and doctors. The best part about buying such equipment is that it costs you almost 50% less than completely new medical equipment. Most of the time, medical equipment is adequately refurbished so well that they are mistaken to be original products. Also, they are so great in quality and are durable enough to last for several years and even decades.

Though you should be vigilant when choosing a refurbishing company since there are several out there which have attractive websites and offer equipment at unbelievable rates, the quality of their product is not that good. That said, not all companies are equal and you should not get enticed by lower costs only.

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The fact is that instead of selling actual refurbished products, what they do is, find equipment that may not also work and put them on their website to try selling to some unsuspecting consumers located overseas. Hence, medical staff and doctors should screen medical equipment carefully before buying to be sure about the quality and longevity.

2. The Timing of Your Purchases

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It often happens that the timing of buying medical equipment plays a major impact on the cost that you will have to incur while buying medical equipment. If you pick the right time for your purchase, you will end up saving several dollars and this way you will end up buying more equipment for your facility. A few instances of buying the medical supplies at the best possible rates are listed below;

1) End of the Quarter: All sales managers have a quarterly sales target that they have to hit. By the end of a quarter, they are often under pressure to achieve their sales target and so generally by the end of March, June and September, you will see raining discounts at medical supply stores. We recommend you contact suppliers during the last week of three months, and you will be able to bag the best deal possible.

2) Before Holidays and Special Events: Holiday and special event sales are the best to shop for anything you want to. Yes, they can be your medical supplies as well. During these times, companies run special offers and promotions, and we want you to take advantage. This will help you save considerably on your spending.

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3. Ask for Overstock Items

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Overstock items are with almost every medical supply equipment company and they can also sell them out at much-slashed prices. Since most of the buyers are not aware of these overstocked products, they often never get these special prices. Moreover, during the end of the year sales that go on, you will get access to several of these overstocked items, since medical suppliers are after clearing their excess inventory, and so they can offer products at the best rates.

A few companies advertise these low prices to attract more consumers, whereas others put them aside to wholesale them, or send those items over to special customers to get first dibs on.

4. Avoid some of these mistake when buying supplies

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There are a few things that affect the chances of securing a discount for the buyers. That said, if you are after securing a good discount while buying medical supplies for your facility, then you should avoid a few instances so that your chances of securing good discounts don’t get reduced.

  1. Contact several suppliers to make sure you’re getting a good deal.
  2. Do not be rude to the salesperson. They are most likely trying to help you.
  3. Request several quotes from the salesperson but then go dark. This might adversely affect your company’s spot in line when you do need supplies.
  4. Procrastinating. Supplies go fast and if you wait too long you may be out of necessary medical supplies for weeks (or months).

5. Purchase medical supplies in bulk

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When you purchase medical supplies in bulk you obtain several advantages. For starter facilities that want to buy medical supplies, medical equipment companies often have special offers for them. This is because they know that a startup practice cannot invest a huge amount of money in procuring supplies, and so for all basic equipment, they are ready to offer considerable price reductions.

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Furthermore, if you buy all the required medical equipment in bulk, you save considerably on product & shipping costs too. Additionally, when ordering multiple types of equipment from a supplier you can negotiate some perks such as extra accessories, spare packaging boxes, etc.

The Bottom Line on Medical Supplies

Saving money on all requirements related to the medical supplies of your facility is easier than you think. When you follow some of the tips listed above, you get to enjoy several benefits and will also save a huge amount of money. Additionally, it will also help you develop a lasting relationship with your trusted medical equipment supplier, and they will keep you on their list of consumers to send out offers and promotions to as they arise.

Furthermore, they will also help you get the best deals by sourcing all your supplies from wholesalers too. By shopping right, you can save a lot of money on buying medical supplies this year.