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South Korean Edtech Company Probo Launches Cutting-Edge Probo Connect Robotics Curriculum For Children


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The entire EdTech industry is experiencing the growth of hockey lacrosse against the backdrop of the COVID19 pandemic, and robotics and robotics are becoming even more accepted. Imagine an intelligent robot going to an isolated COVID hospital and helping to disinfect the area. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? In practice, this happens in many countries around the world. Introducing children to the world of robotics now makes even more sense. After all, it can be a profitable career opportunity and help the young mind find its passion. PROBO, the revolutionary Korean company EdTech, ensures that the world of robotics is as open as possible to children.

PROBO is a compound word for professional and robot. PROBO was founded to break with simple and general robotics manuals and to provide vocational robotics education with more powerful, better, new and interesting content. Learning with robots can strengthen children’s minds, teach them to think creatively and introduce them to the world of mathematics and science.

Sample – in extension

The company was founded in 2011 and started its activity as a manufacturer specialized in robot training and developed robots with coding functions. The company supplies various robot kits, coding training tools, robot parts, sensors and also organizes coding competitions. Since its first launch in 2012, the company has developed, designed and improved several products for robot driving. The products consist of different levels and modules for different age groups. In addition to South Korea, the company also sells its products in China, Vietnam, Australia and other countries. The company organises the annual robotics championship, in which more than 800 people take part.

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Following the extension of the Probo Connect programme to schoolchildren in South Korea, Probo Connect is being introduced in China and Southeast Asia. The company has 33 branches in South Korea and a foreign branch in China.

Proposals – in brief

Probo offers three training programs – Probo Connect, Probo Technic and Malang Malang. With Probo Connect, children can have fun coding by making robot blocks in the shape of animals. Probo Connect complies with the highest safety standards and certifications and is designed without sharp parts for the safety of children. Probo holds the KC certificates in the field of safety, CCC on certification, certification of quality management systems, certification of Production School Excellence, KCL on distribution, certification of Corporate Research Institute, certification of high-risk companies, certificate of factory registration, and also the patent certificate. The company has registered the trademark for its GULC encryption program.

Probo Connect offers four levels:

Connection set for level 1 : It is a training program that allows children to understand the basics and structure of robots using blocks, create robot animals using an interesting manual and a 3D assembly card, and use robots in real life. Baby robot pig Doni, baby robot bird buddy, robot seal Toto, robot rabbit, robot monkey wooki, robot frog keuruk, robot puppy mongi and super-powerful robot are some of the robot animals that kids can build from the Probo Connect Level 1 kit.

Connection set for level 2 : This is a level where children can learn to both compete and work with their friends using a playful robot they have created. This is not only a fascinating game, but also an educational course where children can understand the CPU, IR, LED, FND, etc. by observing the movements of the robots they make. With the connection kit for level 2 students can build robots such as B. the winner of the Rock and Scissors paper contest, La Cha Cha weightlifting games, Speed Shaking arm wrestling games, Alien laser gun shooting, air jumping games, fast hammer shooting games and table basketball shooting.

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Connection kit for level 3 : This is an intermediate phase in which children can transform cars or heavy equipment into robots and understand the principles of robots. Anbo, Anchor robot, Vegetable robot, Saica police bike, Dunjur robot eject, Rush robot fight, Spear robot fight, Tough and Atta 4wd robot boxes are some of the robots that kids can build the Probo level 3 connection set.

Connection set for level 4 : This level includes several C-language programs such as GULC and Probo Scratch for easy and fun learning. F1 Car Champion, Paint Suspension, Bucket Blaster, Bicycle Storm Robot, Ct-1 Tank Robot, Smart Mobility Molly and Alo Dinosaur Robot are some of the robots that kids can build with the Probo Connect Level 4 kit.

With Probo children can build different robots and learn the theory and science behind the robots. You can analyse the movement of the robot using the encoding program in the corresponding manual. The sample enables teachers and parents to stimulate schoolchildren’s scientific curiosity and coding skills. Probo makes learning robotics and programming fun and enables children to build their own robots in a creative way.

Visit the official website here.

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