Should You Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

During the process of replacing the roof as the owner, you can experience great stress. However, do not forget that this is above all a great investment. Although it involves a lot of work, time, energy and resources, you will be satisfied with the final result. This job is quite messy, and the conditions in the house are suddenly changing. That is why most owners are not sure whether they should stay at home during the works.

While some live for a few days with friends or family, there are owners who have nothing against work in their home. It’s individual, but you have to make sure you’re safe. There are certain measures you can take for these purposes to ensure you are on time. Below we will describe how you can protect yourself and your home during the works, but also other guidelines that will help you during roof replacement.

Should I stay home?


Staying at home during the roof replacement has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can save a lot of money because you will not have to rent another place for a few days. The replacement will take about a week, and if it is important to you to know exactly how long the roof replacement process will take, you can visit and request a free roofing project quote. If you don’t mind the noise, the danger of falling and dust, you can save money. You can also supervise the work, properly protect your furniture and other important items in your home. During the process, you can start cleaning the interior of your home, which means that you will return to everyday life very quickly after the work.

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Disadvantages of staying at home during roof replacement


In addition to the advantages, staying at home also has the downside or the more dangerous side. For example, you will not have adequate protection as usual. It is important to stay protected at all times, especially during bad weather conditions such as rain. This is especially true for those who live in places with higher levels of precipitation. Then you can expect rain at least once a week, which means that you will be exposed to precipitation at least once during the roof replacement. Be prepared for that if you plan to stay in your home. Another downside to this choice is the lack of privacy.

Be aware that you will be living with a few other people in your house during the works. It will be on top of your roof, which means that they will be able to hear you and observe your daily activities all the time. Many people are not comfortable in such an environment. In addition, you will be constantly exposed to dust, but also to dangerous elements that can fall on you. This is especially inconvenient if you have small children and pets in the house. You also have to wear a mask often, because there will be a lot of dust and other particles everywhere. It will be very tiring because of other things like noise. If you work from home, it is better to find a new job on time that you will use while the work lasts.

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Factors to consider


Depending on the size of your roof and your wishes, the work may take shorter or longer. An average-sized roof requires at least a few days of work, but also a significant amount of manpower. This means that you will be with the workers walking around your home all the time. That is why it is important to consider the company you hire, because they will do their best to make as little noise and clutter as possible. However, this is something that cannot be avoided and that is why it is important to think about some more items. For example, these are your children.

They are curious and restless if they are very small. You need to inform them about this process, the potential dangers and the daily work tasks of the roof workers. Provide them with helmets and explain to them that they must not interfere with the replacement of the roof.

An equally big problem, and sometimes bigger, are pets. Although you can’t explain to them what’s going on right now and how to protect yourself, it’s important to think about them as well. They can be very sensitive when it comes to loud sounds. To keep them relaxed, try to keep them away from home while the work is in progress. If you have friends who will take care of them for a few days, send them to them. Of course, cars and other means of transportation can be very endangered. So don’t forget about the damage that can happen to them. It is recommended to keep them as far away from the works as possible, as well as furniture, plants and other things.

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Preparation for roof replacement


The most important thing is to take care of your children, the rest of the family, cars and other important things. Whether you will be staying at home during the works or not, you need to prepare adequately. This includes removing wall decorations, as vibration can occur during the work, which can remove paintings from the wall and other objects. Also remove decorative light fixtures such as candles. Don’t forget to cover furniture and other items with old sheets or some other material. When all the work is done, it is necessary to do light vacuuming in these areas.

Most contractors will not help you with these things or taking heavy items out of the home. Prepare by hiring experts to help you or invite friends for help. You also need to take care of your garden, because freshly cut grass and cut trees speed things up a lot. For example, during the works, everything will fall to the ground. If you have tall grass, the debris can stay in that place for a long time without you noticing. However, if the grass is mowed, everything will be much easier to clean.


During these works, consider your house a work zone. As you know, work zones are not a place where you can move or live carefree. There are many factors that will affect the condition of your home. Take them all into account before making a decision and don’t forget to make adequate preparations for housework.