Things To Know Before Subscribing Amazon Prime

Online shopping is getting more and more popular in recent years. The main reason why people choose this model over a traditional one is because of the convenience and because they can save a lot of time. There are benefits for both sellers and buyers. For instance, a company can save a lot of money when it decides to use only the web store.

First of all, there won’t be expenses for people working in the store, while keeping the warehouse in proper condition will also become much easier. There are numerous online platforms available today. However, not all of them are offering the same features. That is especially the case with it comes to safety and time of delivery. That is where Amazon has distanced itself from most other platforms. This is the most popular website where you can connect with numerous sellers.

One of the main characteristics is that you can sign as a special member, and you can learn more about that at Being a Prime member leads to many benefits, and here are some of the main features related to this subscription.

Faster Delivery


This is one of the main reasons to consider choosing this option. There are many online platforms where you can find various cheap products, especially when it comes to those from China. However, the main issue is that you will have to wait for a couple of weeks, and even more than a month in some cases.

On the other side, finding a retailer in your area and shopping there while using your Prime account will secure the delivery on the same day or one day after the processed payment. There is a limit of $35 for delivery, and when the amount is higher than that, you can expect a package at your door in the next few hours.

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Great Deals

The competition between retailers available on this platform is huge. Therefore, you can expect attractive prices all the time. Those who are subscribed to this service will get even more discounts and interesting offers. Also, there are special events and limited periods where you can buy things for incredibly low prices.

For example, there is an event that is promoting discounts and motivating all stores to cut off their prizes as a special model of promotion. It is held each July and lasts for a couple of days. However, this event is available only for Prime members.

Besides that, we have to mention the daily deals. A lot of sellers are using this approach to attract more customers. For instance, if there is a new store on the market that is selling clothes or PC hardware, chances are great that there will be a special selection of products that you can buy for a much cheaper price for a limited time. Therefore, you will be able to save a lot of money by tracking these deals.

Access To Online Content


Another great feature of this platform is not related to online retail, but a streaming service. It is one of the most popular streaming platforms today, and it is a rival to HBO, Disney, and Netflix. The most recent show that is going to be available only here is the Lord of the Rings series, where Amazon invested a lot of money. Besides that, there are thousands of popular movies, TV shows, podcasts, and other types of content available on this platform.

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Moreover, there is a separate app similar to iTunes or Deezer, where you can enjoy listening to millions of tracks of the most popular artists. Another great feature is that you can use additional cloud storage where you can store pictures and other files. There is also a separate platform for people interested in video games. You can watch streams of gamers, play various games for free, and get access to interesting items that you can use in your favorite titles.

Furthermore, it is not a surprise that you will also get a huge database of online books since this company started as a place where you could buy books in different formats. Kindle is the most popular platform for e-books, and you can get a lot of free content as a Prime member.

There are many other interesting features as well, such as a connection with many pharmacies where you can get medical products delivered to your address. The next thing we have to mention is that you can order products from stores here as well. It is amazing how many things are available on the same platform. You can order food and products from stores, but also from restaurants.

When it comes to deliveries, this company went one step further by introducing a smart lock where you can get your delivery even when you are not at home. Therefore, there is no need to worry that your package will get stolen since the delivery guy can get inside the house and leave it there. You don’t need to worry about security as well since you can Livestream the camera from your home and assist the person to let him know where to put the package.

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Potential Downsides


The only negative side is related to how simple it is to use all of these features. Therefore, it might cause you to start buying too many things and end in financial issues. If you are using various services from this company, becoming a pro member is a great choice. However, it will increase spending if you don’t pay enough attention.

Last Words

If you are wondering why you should pay for a subscription for a service where you will spend more money while buying random things, the main reason is that you will have access to special deals and amazing discounts, along with the ability to use additional services offered by this platform. The price of only $12 per month is nothing when compares to the amount of money that you will be able to save with this membership.