5 Things New Homebuyers Need to Know About Title Insurance

Purchasing a home is a very stressful matter. Even if it’s not our first time, the whole experience can feel like an overbearing task, and the previous knowledge we had kind of peters out over the years. The whole task becomes that much difficult when you have to check each and every factor of a home be it expenses or the state it is in. One such part of the purchase is title insurance. Title insurance can be rather important for your home so it’s not smart to forsake it.

For the sake of simplifying the learning experience, we’ve set out to inform you properly and quickly with this article. These are all the things you need to know about title insurance and its benefits.

What is a title of a property?

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The term title refers to the legal right of ownership the person has over a property. This includes legal rights, ownership control, and responsibility for the home. When you have a title over a house that means all the potential legal involvements with that house are tied to you.

There can be certain issues with a house’s title. Such titles are usually referred to as bad titles. This means that the legal documentation associated with the property doesn’t provide you with the ownership of the place. These issues can stem from any number of legal or technical problems. Regardless it can cause an issue for new homebuyers.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance refers to a type of insurance that will cover you in case the place you are moving into has a bad title. The source of the bad title can be hard to track and the issues it may cause could set you back a fair amount of money. This is why having insurance already in place does wonder. Basically, it’s insurance that prevents you from scams, past owner ignoring responsibilities, and extreme costs.

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The insurance itself is given out by insurance agencies and interaction with one of these will usually be required when purchasing a house. Check them out online as agencies like sunnysidetitle.com are firmly present online. By visiting their sites you can get better acquainted with the way they operate and the features they offer without even leaving your home. Now let’s look at the proper list of what this insurance covers and what its benefits are.

Title insurance’s worth comes from it including a lender’s policy and a buyer’s policy

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By purchasing title insurance you get a combination of two policies. These are a lender’s policy and a borrower’s policy. If you are taking out a mortgage loan you’ll need a lender’s policy. This policy secures sellers from potential legal defense costs and acts as a way to regain money in case you are unable to make mortgage payments.

On the other hand, the owner’s policy covers the legal fees and other losses you could face and protects you. Oftentimes, lenders will require you to own this policy but even if they don’t it’s good to have one as it can save you from sudden negative situations.

It helps you ensure a clear title

The first thing your insurance company will perform when you accept title insurance is something called a title search. This is done before issuing the policy directly and helps you uncover concerns from the past that the house may have. These include past deeds, wills, trusts, bankruptcy filings, tax records, and any other important document that could affect the title itself.

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The reports from this search can be of great help to any new homeowner. They are a great way to predict and eliminate troublesome aspects of the asset before going through with the sale itself. They can also save us from bad sales if serious downsides crop up during the search. More often than not, the responsibility of resolving those issues falls onto the seller. However, it’s better to get properly acquainted than suffer later.

The value for money is great

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The initial payment on title insurance can run a pretty penny but not as pretty as you’d usually end up paying if any of the unfortunate circumstances happened to you. While the price of this insurance varies the average cost is around 1000 dollars per policy. Of course, there are insurance premiums that you can get but that depends on the situation as well.

Some states have a fixed price on title insurance so make sure to check before worrying about the prices. If it doesn’t have a fixed price make sure to shop around and see what offers you can get. Regardless, make sure the customer service of your chosen insurance provider has a good response time and availability. There’s also a possibility they will offer a bundle on lender and owner policies so make sure to check if that’s available. Negotiate for other benefits as well to make sure you get even more bang for your buck.


The overall issues with title insurance and grasping of its functionality will most prominently be noticed by the new house owners. This is due to a lot of terminology being tightly related to legal terms you have most likely not met in your everyday life. The excessive amount of information can be hard to parse, making it easier to make a mistake. For that reason, we’ve covered the actual meaning of title insurance and the title itself, following up with the legitimate benefits of it. As we’ve seen, the benefits lay in the fact that policies you’ll eventually require for other procedures are covered with title insurance. The safety along with value for money is also confirmed.

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Make sure to check every available option and extract as much information from the seller as well as the insurance agency. The more information you have the better your experience will be. You will also be able to get better deals and more consistent service. Overall, it’s something that’s better to have than get caught not having.