What Time of the Year Is Best for Pest Control?

Dealing with insects is quite challenging and tiring, particularly if you try to eradicate these insects every year and they keep coming back. Having insects in your home is more than just a nuisance. Some pests may even have adverse effects on your property due to their burrowing, tunneling, and reproduction behaviors. By taking a few preventive actions at the appropriate point you may reduce the number of insects in your house before they take over.

If you wish to implement preventative measures, it is necessary to understand the way in which these pests develop and reproduce so that you can schedule elimination around their most susceptible periods. We recommend you to call for pest control experts like www.ondemandpestcontrol.com to understand better.

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The Fall Season

With winter coming and outside temperatures begin to fall, bugs begin to seek refuge indoors as they seek a warmer environment. There may be some insects at this period, but probably not much that may cause any concern. Unless you employ an expert for an examination, it is unlikely that you will detect them.

The Winter Season

During this season, there will be less pest activity in the house. They go into hibernation and become in an inaccessible and secure location behind your walls, cupboards, or woodwork. Numerous insects will not survive the harsh conditions and will perish during this season. In conclusion they will not be particularly active whether they are at home or not.

The Spring Season

As the temperature warms in the months of April and March, pets wake up from their hibernation. They start their search for food items and an area to reproduce at this time. Pests may exhibit minimal activity at this period, but they may not be needed to eradicate at this point.

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The Summer Season

During this season, when pests have abundant access to food items they start to nest, reproduce, and expand, the colony is at its most prolific. This is the peak season for pest activity.

When should you treat the home with insecticide?

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The first thing you should do is hire a professional who will spray pesticides around the home to stop insects from coming in and destroying existing pests. This is most successful in early spring, when the temperature is good enough for insects to emerge but before they have chosen a place to nest. When insects initially emerge from hibernation, they are feeble and in search of food. Thus, they do not mate yet, making this the ideal moment to halt them.

Having said that, when the treatment is being done in spring, the products used will have to fight less, and so the effect will be longer than expected. On the contrary, if you get the treatment done when the pets are present in abundance, it will have to do more work. Hence, the palliate effect time of the treatment gets impacted.

During the spring season, the pests otherwise present in the household fall weak. After the winter season pests come out of their house and search for food. This is why they attack your house and are found in abundance. Though, don’t make the mistake of thinking that winter is the kick-off time for the pests, instead this season gives them time to get ready.

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Pest control professionals suggest that you should start preparations for keeping them at bay. During the spring or early spring we suggest that you should get all the entry points sealed.

How Often Should You Opt For Pest Control?

One of the most commonly asked questions by a lot of homeowners is that how often should they choose to get the treatment done? Undoubtedly, getting pesticides sprayed for once in a year, and that too at the same time of the year, will not help. The frequency of pest control depends on numerous factors.

The first and foremost one being, the intensity of infestation in your house. Having said that, if you notice any sort of pest activity during the middle of the year, you may have to get it done again. One treatment may not be enough to clean the pests completely, and that you may need several rounds.

Sprays are effective solutions for the pests that crawl, like spiders, lizards, etc. Though, it is not effective in other kinds like termites, bed bugs, etc. The other kind of pests needs some other side treatment.

Outdoor control of garden pests

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Your garden is also plagued by pests, with certain insects inflicting harm to your grass and vegetables. The pests that are destructive in nature tend to hatch a few weeks before others, giving them enough time to reproduce, without being threatened by predators. In early spring, when the outside temperature is typically between fifty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit, you should apply plant-safe insecticides to your outdoor area.

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Additional Advice

One of the things that you should know is that no time is the best time to call for pest control services. Having said that, you will need a pest control service, if you often see pests roaming here and there in your house. Getting this done at least twice in a year is advised to keep problems away.

Furthermore, understanding the type of pests that infest your home is also critical to come up with the best treatment. Meaning, there is no one-size-fits-all and one treatment will not be enough for all. Infestation of each pest is different and so the treatment will also differentiate. You can contact your pest control service provider to have a clear idea of what works.

The Bottom Line

We hope the following article helped you understand what is the right time to opt for pest control. If you are looking to prevent pest infestation, getting pest control services during early fall or start of the winter season is the best time. Also, make it a point to call for experts to get the task done. Experts are aware of the best techniques to keep your home pest free through the year.