9 Tips to Care for a Luxury Leather Jacket in 2024

A luxury leather jacket never comes cheap or without special guidelines for its maintenance. It always costs a fortune and accompanies a wide set of instructions for the wearer to follow.

Similar to our skin, leather calls for attention and nourishment. This is because it goes through a great deal of ill-treatment in the form of dirt, dust, and water.

Experts believe that cleaning and conditioning anything made of real leather material including jackets adds to its suppleness and life. Unless no proper care or counter measures are taken, the leather can lose its moisture and elasticity, which could ultimately dry it out and lead to serious damage in the future.

Now there are countless of ways through which you can ensure proper care and treatment of your leather jacket. For example:


Every leather fabric is treated differently and has different demands for consideration. Hence, its important that we pay a real emphasis to what the manufacturer of that particular piece of clothing suggests. Now many jackets are provided with labels inside. These tags briefly define the warnings, handling instructions and details about the grain of leather. In fact, many of these also mention the cleaning procedure suitable for that particular outerwear. In ideal circumstances, you should follow exactly what the labels suggest. This will help you keep up with its sartorial beauty while having the know-how needed to avoid damage.


Leather jackets become prone to cracking if you fail to take the necessary preventive measures against dehydration. While dehydration is common, it is largely avoidable. Simply get yourself a good leather conditioner that purely aims to nourish and reinstate the natural flexibility of leather. If you do not use your leather jacket more frequently, get it conditioned once every year. However, if it’s a crucial part of your everyday casual ensembles, than conditioner it for at least thrice every year.

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Of course, this may not be doable for all but is important to keep its natural oils intact. Remember, we are dealing with natural skin here. Hence, the excess of heat and UV rays is detrimental for it. Try and avoid the exposure as much as you can. If not, the material will weaken and end up having cracks

4- Hang it with care:

Just after you are done wearing your leather jacket, make sure you don’t just throw it over your bed. Grab a padded clothes hanger and hang it carefully into your wardrobe. Many times, it has been observed that people use wire and substandard plastic hangers to hang their jacket. This is a practice that can cause wrinkling owing to the short of capacity needed for absolute support. Thus, use clothes hanger to preserve its actual form and to keep wrinkling at bay

5- Choose a climate-friendly spot:

This is a key consideration that has a say in the life and quality of your jacket. Real leather jacket can lose its essence, or say, the moisture in extremely humid places like basements. So find a spot encompassing a room temperature like your bedroom closet. Plus, make sure to store it without a protective plastic bag for proper crossing of air. Instead of plastic, you can prefer netted or cloth garment bag

6- Clean it when necessary:

There is no hard and fast science in cleaning your leather jacket. While there are professional services out there, you can easily DIY the cleaning process. Simply mix dish soap in luke water and take a very soft
piece of fabric to dip in it. Now squeeze out the excess liquid and start to wipe it with gentle hands. Once you are done cleaning, take a soft towel and pat dry your jacket. You can find leather jackets at shoqz-fashionz.com

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7- How about making it water resistant?

Similar to leather conditioners, we get leather protectors that aim to protect the leather-based goods from water. Also known as leather waterproofing, these products come in handy for conserving the look and luster of your outerwear. However, make sure you go for silicone polymer or acrylic copolymer spray, which are highly friendly for leather. And while these protectors provide a protective film over your leather wear, avoid washing it in any way or form.

8- Ironing can be dangerous:

Many leather experts simply discourage the idea of ironing anything of leather. However, some believe that ironing can be done using additional caution to ensure no damage is caused. So with maxim care, spread your leather jacket and place a pillowcase over it to avoid direct contact of heat. Keep the iron on its lowest point and iron out the wrinkles

9- Seek professional leather maintenance services:

Source: getsetclean.in

The best you can do is resort to professional services for at least once every year. These individuals are well-versed with the specialized process that adds to the life and suppleness of your jackets, while ensuring every type of leather is treated with the right type of product and the right type of tool.


A real leather jacket will dig a hole in your pocket but it’s definitely a worthy, onetime investment. This investment can possibly outlive you if you promise a good treatment and right care. After all, real leather jacket is popularly regarded as the second skin and this deserves all that care we give to our very skin!

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