Top 4 Solutions To Fix HTC Phone Frozen On Startup Screen

How can I repair frozen HTC phones on the home screen?

Discover the four most effective solutions for freezing HTC phones on the home screen or HTC phones that freeze on the white death screen!

Take a look: Is your HTC phone frozen on the home screen? If this is the case, and for this reason, you will not be able to access your HTC data and all important work related to your device will be interrupted. You want to do the right thing, but you don’t know how? Calm down! Calm down! Here I will discuss different methods to repair the frozen HTC phone on the home screen.

Let’s start with a real hands-on scenario!

Practical scenario: The HTC 626 user’s phone is frozen when thescreen is launched.

My HTC 626 Desire phone is displayed on the home screen.

I don’t know what to do. My phone was working and it was off. I waited a while for the phone to return to normal, but I noticed that it was still visible on the start screen. I tried to charge it, but it didn’t do any good. I also tried a full restart, but nothing happened. I don’t know what to do! Please, help me!

The source: Android Central Forums

Decision 1: Turn your HTC phone on and off.

You can defrost your HTC phone by turning it off and on again. Most HTC phones do not have a removable battery, so you need to press and hold the on/off button for a few seconds to turn it off. Turn it on after a few minutes by pressing and holding the switch.


If you try to turn off your HTC phone, something may go wrong in some cases.

Automatic restart : If the phone is turned on automatically after power off, the correction process becomes difficult. Make sure that the on/off switch is not blocked. If it’s stuck, use something to unblock it.

It’s not going out: If you cannot turn off your phone, wait until the battery runs out. Now charge your phone for a few minutes and try to turn it on.

Decision 2: Remove the memory card

If you are using an external memory card of the HTC phone, remove the memory card from the phone and try to turn off the phone. If you manage to turn off the phone without the SD card and the phone is turned on, insert the SD card and try to install the SD card.

Then restart your phone to make sure it turns on or off when the memory card is inserted. If you cannot do this, it means that your SD card may have problems. To do this, remove the old memory card and use the top memory card of the phone.

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Decision 3: Clear Cache in Recovery Mode

Another way to fix a cache stuck on the Android startup screen is to clear the cache partition in recovery mode.

Now follow these steps to empty the cache partition and repair the HTC wish that got stuck in the HTC logo.

Step one: Press and hold the power and volume buttons at the same time.

Step two: When the phone vibrates, it enters recovery mode.

How do you activate recovery mode on your HTC phone?

Step three: Now drag the volume knob down to highlight the Remove Cache from Recovery Mode option.

Empty Android's cache

Step four: Then press this option using the power button.

You now have to wait for your HTC device to enter a cache clearing contest and restart it.

Decision 4: Factory reset and reset device

There are two ways to repair the HTC Desire that is stuck on the Home screen in Recovery Mode: first by using the Restore option and second by using the Restore Default option.

To enter recovery mode, follow the steps in the following figure.

How do you activate recovery mode on your HTC phone?

After putting the device into recovery mode, go to the recovery section by pressing the Volume + and Volume – buttons.

Recovery option

Now click on this option with the on/off button.

When the recovery process is complete, restart the device by pressing the power button.

Pay attention: This method will not delete your phone and all your contacts and other data will be stored in your Google Account.

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The second method is to delete all data from the device. Restoring the default settings will erase any data that may have been corrupted causing your HTC phone to be displayed on the home screen.

Now perform the following steps to reset your phone back to factory settings.

If you are in recovery mode, you need to select Restore Factory Default from the available options.

HTC phone with reset in recovery mode

Wait, because the reset process takes a few minutes.

When the process is complete, the device will automatically shut down and restart.


I hope that after reading this article you have been able to repair the frozen HTC phone on the home screen. And if you come across an HTC phone stuck on the home screen in the future, you can easily fix it with these solutions.

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