7 Questions Travelers Should Ask Before Visiting Semarang in 2024

Visiting new places and creating memories is something that makes traveling adventures so wonderful. In addition, the cultures you’ll meet and the amazing food each country has contributes to the experience.

If you are a person who loves visiting distant countries, Indonesia should already be on your bucket list with all the attractions that it offers. Among them, it is the wonderful city of Semarang located near the capital Jakarta.

In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know before visiting Semarang. These questions will keep you informed and will surely make your trip simply wonderful. Keep reading and find out more.

Is it safe

The importance of being safe while staying abroad cannot be emphasized enough. For that reason, before visiting any place, ask yourself whether that destination is a safe place for you. Luckily, Semarang is a relatively safe place however, the crime rates have slightly increased over the last few years.

During the day you’ll feel completely safe. However, walks during the night time might be a little bit intimidating but it is highly unlikely that anything will happen to you. Be sure to keep your items with you, and never leave them in your car since they can be stolen.

When it comes to any racism or harassment you should not fear. Semarang locals are known for their tolerance of other cultures and people.

When is the best time for a trip

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While warm weather generally prevails, there are still periods when it is best to visit Semarang. This is usually from the end of June to the beginning of October. However, if you are not afraid of rainfall, you can have the trip whenever with the coldest weather being above 20degrees Celsius.

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The highest temperatures are around 35 degrees which makes Semarang one of the hottest destinations throughout the year. The highest rain chances are during the winter months. No matter when you visit, you’ll never visit snowy weather. In case you are a fan of surfing, you should go between June and August due to the high winds.

How is the healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, you should not expect a lot since we are talking about a tourist place and not a country’s capital. If we have to give a general opinion, healthcare deserves an average score. In addition, waiting in halls is common.

On the other hand, the quality of diagnosis and treatment is okay. However, the costs of healthcare are rather expensive, so only use the health institution in emergencies. Before you go on the trip, be sure to open up an insurance policy and keep yourself safe.

How to find great accommodation

Great accommodation is usually what makes the trip so great as hotel Aruss suggests. For that reason, be sure to spend enough time and find the best stay in Semarang.

The first thing you have to do is determine your budget. The city is big and there are plenty of hotels you get to choose from. Some options range from twenty to two thousand dollars. For that reason, you’ll use the budget as your first filter.

Be sure to use online tools to find the greatest deals and stays up to your taste. There are lots of deals, especially if you are purchasing in advance. However, no matter how good the hotel is, be sure to go through the reviews and see how satisfied the others were.

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Nonetheless, consider the location of the hotel for the activities you plan on doing. However, be sure to understand that the central location usually costs more than usual.

What is the transportation like

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The transportation methods are important to be considered as well. Since the traffic culture is different in every country as well as jams in traffic, be prepared. Semarang locals are usually passing around ten kilometers and it takes around thirty minutes for one-way transportation to their job.

Due to the moderate jams, people are using motorcycles as a basic transportation method. For that reason, if you plan on visiting don’t consider renting a car, but get a bike. Everything is in the vicinity and every monument can be easily reached.

Is it expensive

This is one of the factors why many people are interested in visiting this part of the world. Not only there are lots of monuments and natural treasures, everything is cheaper than in most countries.

For example, for a bottle of water you can expect to pay less than fifty cents, and for a beer around two dollars. In addition, transportation is quite affordable due to the low prices of petrol and diesel. Due to the low prices, you can expect your vacation to be quite affordable, or enjoy a luxurious vacation for a price of an average trip anywhere else.

What are the best things to do in Semarang

Lastly, you need to determine the activities you’ll be doing in Semarang. For that reason, we made a short list of things that you must do to achieve the perfect experience in this destination.

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1. Roaming through the old town

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Semarang’s old town is something that you must visit during your trip. This place has been through various historical periods which is shown through various cultural and architectural monuments. In addition, don’t forget the museums and art galleries to maximize your experience.

2. Enjoy the beaches

With a perfect climate and such exotic beaches, this might be the first reason why you considered visiting Semarang.

3. Explore the temples

Due to the Chinese influence, there are lots of temples you must pay a visit to while staying in Semarang. You’ll experience a different culture and visiting such monuments will surely make your trip complete.

4. Visit local markets

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The local markets are essential to be explored in every destination you plan on going to. That is where you learn a lot about the place, get to talk with locals, and purchase items you won’t meet back home.

6. Be sure to try the domestic dishes

You cannot say you visited a certain place without trying on their domestic dishes. Luckily, Indonesian food has lots to offer. From Netherlands-inspired meals to authentic Indonesian food there is a lot to be explored.

7. Haunted house visits for the brave souls

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Lastly, if you consider yourself a brave person, you must pay a visit to the formerly haunted house as one of the most authentic tourist attractions.

Hopefully, this article helped in gaining basic information about your future trip to Semarang. Be sure to keep up with the information and properly prepare yourself for one of the greatest vacations you’ll ever have.