10 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Car

Cars are depreciating assets, and whether you buy one new or used, you can expect its paint to fade over time. If your vehicle is in a rough state, we have shared a few ways to improve its look below.

1. Spruce up its interior

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Internal finishing, such as seat covers and floor mats, are among the first items to wear off as your car ages. Seat covers might fade after prolonged sun exposure or rip because of daily abuse. To improve your car’s look, the first step should be to spruce up these internal components.

Use a soft-bristled brush to loosen dirt and grime, and then vacuum the seat covers. You can also wipe the seats with a damp microfibre towel and steam them to lift stubborn dirt and remove creases. If your seats have deep cracks or large rips that you cannot repair, you can buy new seat covers. Replace worn-out mats and wax the dashboard and door panels to restore their shine.

2. Restore the headlights

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After years of exposure to UV rays, headlights can oxidize and develop a yellowish tinge. After you have spruced up its interior, you can restore your headlights with a lens restoration kit to remove oxidation, or buff them with a microfibre pad. If your car has old incandescent lights that look old school or worn out, replace them with new LED headlights instead like those from xkglow.com. There are many advantages of LEDs, including improved visibility, long lasting power, and a stylish look. While restoring headlights, do not forget the taillights and fog lights as well to freshen up your vehicle and improve its functionality

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3. Fix the dents

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Dents can make your car look older than it actually is, no matter how small they are. Fixing dents is possible but can be difficult if you do not have the right tools or experience. Wwe recommend that you find a shop in your locality that specializes in dent removal.

4. Restore paint

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If the paint is old or faded on your vehicle and you have a tight budget, you can buff it to restore its shine. Use a buffing wheel with foam or a microfibre pad and rubbing compound to remove the thin layer of faded paint. Waxing the car afterwards can create a shiny hydrophobic barrier, or you can apply a ceramic coating to provide long-term protection from the sun. If your car has several rust spots or its factory paint has faded beyond repair, repaint the car. You can outsource the service from a reputable paint shop and let them bring the car to life.

5. Wrap the car

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Repainting can lower the historical value of classic cars. In such a case, you can install a car wrap instead to improve its look and protect the original paint at the same time. They come in many colors and designs that you can customize to fit most cars. Wraps are also temporary accessories that you can remove at a later date without damaging your car.

Before installing a wrap, fix car doors that do not close correctly. Clean the car and install the wrap, making sure that you position it straight and that you smoothen all creases before the bonding agent dries. In addition to the body of the car, you can wrap internal parts such as the dashboard.

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6. Tinting windows

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Tinting windows can add a tasteful look to your car and improve privacy. Tinting the back three windows, for instance, can add a fresh new look to your car without costing you a lot of money. You can also install a 360-degree tint if your local regulations and restrictions allow.

7. Wheel restoration

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Wheels can influence the look of cars but are often ignored while doing car restoration projects. After years of rough driving, rims can dent, corrode, or rust. Moreover, paint peels or chips, while rubber tires can fade and crack, thereby compromising the look of your car. You should fix this. Install a new set of wheels that match the car’s paint or its body style. If you have a low budget, you can sand the old wheels down and paint.

8. Professional car detailing

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Professional auto detailing involves cleaning and restoring your car to great condition. Car detailing consists of exterior cleaning, including exterior wash and dry, paint claying, polishing, engine pressure cleaning and waxing or sealing.

Auto detailing improves your car’s overall look and air quality, and also preserves its resale value. Interior car cleaning can include vacuuming, brushing and scrubbing, steam cleaning, leather trimming, glass cleaning, and perfuming. Other detailing services may include paint correction, ceramic coating, and paint protection film.

9. Accessorize your car and add interior lighting

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Auto accessories are add-ons that can boost your vehicle’s style and capabilities. Car accessories such as headlight lashes, wooden trims for dashboards, and a spinner improve your vehicle’s aesthetics. To personalize your vehicle, you may consider car accessories like seat belt covers, headrest collars, glitter tumblers, and car coasters.

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Besides giving your cabin a premium look, lighting your car’s interior improves your car’s overall look. LED interior lights are a great addition to uplift your car’s look. You can install LED strips under the dash and the seats to illuminate the whole cabin.

10. Car body kit

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The car body kit comprises exterior modifications, including side skirts, rear and front bumpers, and spoilers for the car’s painted portion. Adding these modifications enhances your car’s outlook, making it distinctive and appealing. A body kit’s ultimate objective is to make your vehicle more aerodynamic, giving it a unique, attractive look and reducing its drag. Body kits are made from materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass, or polyurethane, and installing them is an easy way to change your car’s appearance from its factory look, setting it apart from other vehicles.


Depending on your budget, you can change seat covers to spruce up the interior of your car. You can also add value by removing dents, restoring wheels, or restoring your car’s faded paint.