3 Ways To Know If You Can Leave Your Patio Furniture Out All Year

The rainy season has already been in full force. Considering that winter is just around the corner, a popular question we get is whether or not you can leave your outdoor furniture out all year.
Luckily, there are ways to know if you can do it. To get the answer you need, you will have to continue reading. So with everything said, let’s get started.

1. Know Which Material Is Good Throughout the Year

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Let’s be real for a second. Spring and summer are times of the year where it presents no problem for our outdoor furniture. The only problem is leaving it out in the blazing sun. But the problem becomes much more complicated when we talk about fall and winter.

Leaving it outside is even more problematic in winter. So to get the answer you need, you really have to look at how furniture materials fare in the winter.

  • Wood

Wood is perhaps the most common patio furniture out there. Sure, it might be more expensive than other materials, but it really is the most durable material to go for.

But how does it fare all year round? Well, it’s safe to say that the summer and spring months present no issue whatsoever. And it’s generally safe to leave it in the fall and winter. Wood actually performs very well when left outside for winter. That’s all due to the type of wood most outdoor patio furniture is made of.

Namely, the best wood material for the winter and fall months is teak. Teak is exceptional at preventing moisture out and protecting the furniture from water. But even wood has its drawbacks. No matter how hard you try, if snow covers the furniture for long periods of time, it will show signs of wear and tear.

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That’s why you should always apply a sealant that protects the material from water. This sealant is very effective at preventing moisture, cracks, and it keeps the furniture fresh and nice-looking.

  • Wicker

Wicker is yet another popular furniture material frequently used for outdoor patios. Unlike wood, wicker performs terribly in the winter and fall.

So we won’t dwell too much on this one. The bottom line is you should never leave wicker outside in the winter months.

  • Aluminum

If wood was a durable material, then aluminum is king when it comes to leaving it outside all year round. There is no time of the year that presents a problem for aluminum.
Regardless of how much it rains, snows, or is exposed to the blazing heat, aluminum will not be affected by it. However, there is one special case that you need to be aware of. Unlike wood, aluminum is very lightweight. This means, if not held together, the furniture might be blown around in extremely windy conditions.

Other than that, your furniture will be safe.

Speaking of outdoor patio furniture, an even better way to make sure your furniture can last the whole year is to buy quality. Even aluminum pieces made poorly will perform worse in certain conditions. So if you’re looking to buy quality, make sure to visit this website.

2. Know That Fabrics Don’t Perform Well

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You cant have furniture without adding something on top of it. In most cases, this includes cushions, pillows, and so forth. As a general rule of thumb, anything made out of fabric shouldn’t stay outside all year round. Fabrics are highly susceptible to water and moisture. If you leave them outside in the pouring rain, they will get soaked and catch mold.

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If that does happen, you will need to wash them and dry them otherwise you’re risking throwing them out. There is one particular fabric that doesn’t mind water. This fabric is sunbrella and is extremely waterproof. But even so, it’s best to store them inside while the fall and winter months pass.

3. Know That Covers Help

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Let’s say you live in an area that rain and snow don’t come too often. This can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse for various unrelated reasons.

When looking at the benefits of using covers for your outdoor furniture, they can be a very effective solution if you lack the space to store them during the fall and winter.

Covers made from waterproof materials are exceptionally beneficial. If you plan on leaving outdoor furniture outside throughout the year, they will save you a lot of headaches. So, consider them a must.

What To Do To Protect Outdoor Furniture?

As always, even if you’re using the best materials, stuff can happen that will require some doing on your part. When furniture is left outside all year, it can get quite dirty. So making sure that the sofa or couch is in great condition will increase the lifespan of your whole set. When planning on leaving the furniture outside all year, make sure to regularly clean it with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. Do this often as this is the best way to make sure they survive for years.

Another thing to do is to coat the surface. This should be done regardless of the material. We mentioned applying a protective coat of sealant for wooden pieces. But what about metal pieces?
If you want to protect aluminum or steel outdoor furniture pieces, then you have to apply rust and corrosion-resistant finish. By doing this, you are protecting it from water by preventing rust and corrosion. It’s quite straightforward but something that you absolutely have to do regardless.

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Outdoor furniture is meant to serve us even in the winter months. So that’s why you should think about the right material before buying that cool-looking outdoor sofa.

This article laid out the best materials for the winter months, and it also touched on the materials that perform poorly. So make a buying decision based on what information this article has given you.

As always, use covers if you want to protect the furniture, and make sure to clean & coat to ensure the furniture lasts for decades.