What Card Games Can You Play by Yourself ─ 10 Tips for Solo Gaming

Many of us got acquainted with card games like solitaire at a very tender age. Being one of the easiest games to master, we played it over and over until we could play it in our sleep. However, solitaire is not the only card game you can play, especially when you’re looking to play by yourself. In this article, therefore, we will explore some card games you can play by yourself with tips for solo gaming.

Certainly, card games have been a source of entertainment for generations. The allure of solitaire lies in its simplicity, making it accessible even to children. The thrill of arranging cards in descending order by suit has captivated many.

Beyond solitaire, a myriad of solitary card games exists, each offering its unique challenges and strategies. One such game is “Spider Solitaire,” known for its complexity and requiring sharp wits to conquer its eight foundation piles.

“Klondike” is another popular choice, demanding astute planning to move all cards to foundation piles. Meanwhile, “Freecell” offers a blend of skill and luck, challenging players to strategize moves wisely. Exploring these solo card games can provide hours of solitary amusement.


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Pyramid features using a full deck to make a pyramid, starting with one face-up card and then layering two face-up cards on that. Then, you’ll stack up three, four, and more until you get to seven, and then remove the entire pyramid. To remove the pyramid, though, you would need to make card pairs that equal thirteen.

In Pyramid, the cards have specific values – for instance, jacks are 11, queens are 12, and kings are 13. For these three cards, and only these three, you do not need a match to remove them. After stacking up to seven, you’ll put the rest of the deck as your stockpile on the side and facedown. Then, start eliminating cards with values that add up to thirteen using cards without a card on top of them only.

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The Idiot

The Idiot is a very difficult Swedish card game that starts with four decks, and you can find it on howtoplay.nz. You start by taking one card from each pile and laying it down. If there’s more than one visible card in each suit, you remove the lowest; continue that until each suit has only one visible card.

Then, you’ll lay four new cards on top of the existing ones and repeat the exercise until none is left. Essentially, the objective of the game is to get all four Aces in each suit’s bottom.


Source: bvssolitaire.com

Canfield Solitaire is the American version of the common Solitaire card game named after the casino where it was invented. The game is particularly known to have an extremely low percentage chance of winning in every given game. The game starts with thirteen face cards (the reserves) dealt face up and then turned down; you can only play the top.

Then, you’ll place a card on the first of four foundations to the reserve’s right. This is where all cards of the same rank must start the remaining three foundations. The objective of the game is to place all cards on the foundations, which is statistically very unlikely.


To play Scoundrel, first get rid of the jokers, red aces, and red face cards from your deck. Also, you might want to get something – like a piece of paper – to keep your score on. The objective of the Scoundrel card game is to move through an entire dungeon without getting killed. Each card’s suit represents something: hearts are health or life, speeds and clubs are monsters, and diamonds are weapons.

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Forty Thieves

To play Forty Thieves on any gaming site like PlaySolitaire, you need two 52-card decks, which you will shuffle together. Then, lay out a row of ten face-up cards; the remaining cards will be your draw pile.

The objective of the game is to create two piles of each suit running up from ace to king. You can turn the draw deck one card at a time and move one card at a time from the layout. You win when you finish all your piles.

Conclusion ─ 10 Valuable Tips for Solo Gaming

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As fun as card games are, you can get easily bored and frustrated if you’re not playing them the right way. Playing solo, it is even easier to get bored unless you have some neat tricks to keep the game engaging. With that said, here are ten tips for solo card gaming that you will find invaluable as you begin to implement them:

  1. If you’re wagering money, ensure you keep track of your funds to avoid overspending or running out of cash while playing.
  2. Read and understand the rules and regulations governing each card game; they give you an advantage against other players.
  3. Winning in card games is about strategy and skill; you must be able to think carefully about every move you make.
  4. Identify a comfortable playing style that works best for you and stick to it; avoid switching between different styles mid-game.
  5. Some card games offer shortcuts to increase playing convenience and speed up gameplay; avoid them as much as possible.
  6. To be excellent at card game playing, you need to practice and practice; as you practice, soon enough, you become a pro.
  7. Keep your focus on the game you’re playing, and don’t be distracted to avoid making reckless decisions that can cost you the game.
  8. If you’re playing online card games, be responsible with them as they can be quite addictive. This is why you should only play on trusted sites; research the site before you join the game.
  9. Card games require hours of playtime; therefore, you must learn to plan and manage your time effectively.
  10. Avoid playing a card game for too long; keep it enjoyable and prevent burnout by taking regular breaks.
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